about Treeline Construction:

Treeline Construction, Inc provides the skill and care that your retrofit, preservation or woodworking project deserves. Owned and operated by two local retrofit and preservation specialists, Gary Linowski and John Amey have nearly 60 years of combined experience that provides them with a level of accumulated knowledge and expertise rarely found in most construction firms.

Treeline holds both a class A Engineering license and a class B General Construction license.

Gary Linowski has been involved in construction for over 30 years. He recently spent four years as chairman of the City of Napa's Cultural Heritage Commission, an appointed volunteer position followed by Paul Kelley Architect who has a long list of very impressive projects. Gary finds enjoyment in construction through his ability to solve the complex challenges that seismic retrofit and preservation often offers. Gary is a member of the Timber Framers Guild and enjoys log, timber and Japanese joinery. His resume includes the retrofit of a Bernard Maybeck building, structural strengthening of a vertical mine shaft at Meteor Crater and a multitude of other challenging projects.

Gary Linowski

Gary’s work at Meteor Crater Arizona

In 1984, Gary as owner of The Badlands Framing Company from Flagstaff Arizona rebuilt the cribbing of the vertical #2 mine shaft located at the bottom of Meteor Crater in the Arizona desert for the USGS. The vertical 4` x 6` mine shaft is 165` deep.

Gary design-built the rehabilitation of the mine shaft support and cribbing system. Helicopters, photovoltaic lighting and his mountaineering skills were utilized to conquer this task.

The mine shaft has served the USGS to accumulate stratigraphy measurements and determine the most accurate tale of the earth’s weather for the last fifty thousand years. The compaction information has also helped other governmental agencies that cannot be mentioned.

This photo is of Gary as he checks his climbing harness prior to rappelling.

John Amey began his contracting career over 30 years ago in new construction. His first retrofitting & preservation project was the Glen Ivy Hot Springs Hotel and Spa in Corona in 1977. He finds the challenge of seismic and structural retrofit projects rewarding. John’s strengths include his ability to sensibly incorporate structural strengthening elements into a project without sacrifice to the original architectural elements. His expertise is very apparent in his architectural and structural concrete work.

John Amey

A calculus project for John

"Built in the early 80s, this San Rafael outdoor fireplace was constructed with three different parabolic curves. Architect, Dan Lieberman, took me under his wings with a refresher course in calculus in order to accomplish his vision. The learning curve of this particular project forced me to think "outside the box". What seemed to be an impossibility, became a reality."

- John Amey

hand made toolbox

our services Custom Architectural Woodworking:

We are perfectionists in our workmanship and experts in our abilities to choose the perfect materials and craft the most beautiful and functional designs. We have a thorough understanding and working knowledge of wood movement, ultimate moisture contents, seasoning procedures and how to integrate all factors into design for the best final product.

Our wood working shop in Napa, CA is equipped with the right tools to produce the unparalleled results that suit your needs. There are many reasons and needs for custom woodworking and we can assist you in every aspect from design to construction so that the goals for your project are met with excellence. We will help you take your creative idea and turn it into a beautifully crafted reality by listening to your ideas, drafting them on paper and fine-tuning them so that the finished product is a perfect match to your vision. Woodworking projects that require repair or replacement of an existing aesthetic or functional feature receive appropriate attention to detail so that the result is a seamlessly matched preservation that maintains the architectural and aesthetic value that was originally intended. We are prepared and properly equipped with the knowledge, tools, materials and expertise to exceed the expectations of your wood working project either on-site or from our shop.

Our specialties in the realm of woodworking include:

  • Custom cabinetry
  • Timber frame joinery
  • Corbels of any size and shape
  • Custom doors
  • Custom furniture
  • Custom carvings
  • Log joinery
  • Japanese joinery
  • Replacement window sashes
    to an exact match
  • Any other custom woodwork
    or joinery
interior of church

our services seismic retrofit:

Treeline Construction, Inc has been involved in many different types of projects throughout the years. Collectively, as a company, we have extensive understanding and experience in structural and seismic retrofit. Improving the safety and soundness of an old or possibly historic building is challenging. However, by applying our expertise, Treeline Construction, Inc can create an equal or even greater reward for all concerned by extending the life of the building and safeguarding occupants and the public from possible or likely danger. During the entire process we work closely with architects, engineers and building owners to address every concern.

Our primary goal is attaining optimal structural safety and security. While achieving an uncompromising retrofit, we actively pursue the least obtrusive methods, materials and techniques in order to maintain the architectural integrity of the building.

commercial and residential seismic and structural retrofit:

According to the USGS (US Geological Survey), fewer than 10% of homeowners in the SF Bay Area have taken steps to retrofit their homes, despite the 62% possibility for one or more magnitude 6.7 or greater earthquakes to occur by 2032 in the Bay Area.

Today, many of the buildings that we invite people into, such as our homes, are not as safe as they should be. Though it is true that many buildings have withstood the test of time, each seismic event causes cracks in masonry and concrete. These cracks start out microscopic. With each subsequent seismic event new cracks form and existing cracks increase in size compromising the structural integrity of most older buildings. Most masonry buildings that were built over fifty years ago were built with concrete products that had varying strengths. The regulatory criteria that concrete products had to pass were few to non-existent. The same holds true for wood-framed buildings and the foundations that they are set on. Much higher standards of structural integrity exist today than existed just 50 years ago. With each passing earthquake new information is obtained toward greater knowledge of earthquake preparedness.

In many places, such as Napa, water from the river was used to add to the cement and mortar used in building construction. Depending on whether the tide was in or out made a huge impact on the strength of the final product that became evident immediately or many years later as the concrete cures to maximum strength.

historic church retrofit

our services historic preservation:

Since the mid nineteen seventies, John and Gary have spent most of their time working on historic preservation projects. Both John and Gary have owned, rehabilitated and lived in several historic homes, the oldest of which was constructed in the 1870s. Historic preservation is a passion that demands the understanding of not only how to build with today’s materials and knowledge of structural requirements, but also an understanding of the materials and methods of many varying locations, builder abilities and designs through several eras dating back to the mid 1800s.

As demonstrated in our list of historic projects, John and Gary have extensive preservation experience in both residential and commercial buildings.