Architect Bernard Maybeck’s First Church of Christ Scientist Berkeley, Ca.

On the National Register of Historic Places and a National Treasure, winner of the 2008 save Americas Treasures grant, the First Church of Christ Scientist in Berkeley was designed by Architect Bernard Ralph Maybeck and constructed in 1910. Our role in this project involved the replacement of the existing roof system as well as the seismic strengthening of the (4) main concrete piers inside the Auditorium. While preserving the mechanical airflow needs that were part of the original function of these piers, we added seismic-soldier beams and improved the timber/steel/concrete connections throughout the building. Additionally we constructed two shotcrete shear walls to resist East West forces from the Hayward fault and brought the entire project into compliance with current ADA standards.

The architect Paul Nachtscheim of ARG was the chief architect for this wonderful and sensitive project while Andrew Scott of Degenkolb Engineering engineered very creative solutions to overcome very challenging upgrades for this historic treasure.

We very much appreciate the fine craftsmanship and attention to detail given by our architectural sheet metal and HVAC contractor - Walter Mork Company of Berkeley, CA under the direction of Berkeley Choate, a master in his trade.


Historic Guest Lounge and Registration Building Curry Village, Yosemite National Park

Included on the National List of Historic Places is the Curry Village Historic District. Our project consisted of a full rehabilitation of both buildings. The scope of work included new foundations, reconstructing the amphitheater, new roof structures, new log framing and joinery, repairing or replacing windows, doors and finishes with matching materials and patterns.

Our very capable, responsive, and dedicated architect on this project was Kitty Vieth of ARG

We completed this project for the National Park Service during the non peak months including winter which served us many cold sunless and snow laden days at the base of Glacier Point on the South side of Yosemite Valley often referred to as Siberia.


Alviso Adobe Pleasanton, Ca.

This adobe was constructed in 1854. It was used as a dairy farm until 1969. There had been several alterations and one addition to the original building. Our scope of work for the City of Pleasanton was to structurally stabilize the adobe buildings using concrete bond beams on top of adobe walls, rehabilitate the adobe blocks and walls, replace the missing and severely damaged blocks with new blocks made on site from adobe excavated on site.

Treeline performed the rehabilitation of the Alviso Adobe under the direction of Chris Pattillo of PGA Architects in Oakland, CA.

The preservation efforts of this project also included an exterior plaster with a white wash finish, rebuilt doors and windows, repair and replacement of flooring.

The Alviso Adobe is now a museum for the City of Pleasanton and can be previewed online here


West Point Inn Mt.Tamalpias, Mill Valley, Ca.

The West Point Inn is located near the top of Mt. Tamalpias in Mill Valley, Ca. The Inn was built in 1904 by the railroad as a restaurant and stopover for passengers making connections with the stagecoach to Willow Camp (Stinson Beach) and Bolinas.

In 2006 Treeline performed a foundation strengthening and replaced all but the roof of the members lounge. We also replaced worn and weathered portions of the building that a structure of this vintage would require. As any historic restoration requires, we matched the finishes of the new materials to that of the historic finishes. We also facilitated this project during the winter months to take advantage of the slower tourist season and thus had the least economical impact on the Inns operation.

Treeline performed their work under the direction of architect Gee Hecksher for Architectural Resources Group (ARG) from San Francisco.


Pena Adobe Vacaville, Ca.

The Pena adobe was constructed in 1843 and has been repaired at least twice since first built. It is now the focus feature of the Pena Adobe Park for the City of Vacaville, CA. Our scope of work for the Pena Adobe was mostly a seismic strengthening and structural upgrade. We placed a concrete bond beam on top of the adobe walls, replaced the roof and replaced many of the adobe blocks with site made blocks using adobe from on site. Additionally, we pinned the corners of the building together with six foot long fiberglass threaded rods and epoxy, repaired cracks in the walls and repaired the adobe walkways. The City of Vacaville and architect Gil Sanchez were a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process.


Historic Napa Mill Napa Valley, Ca.

Our scope of work for the Napa Mill was mostly structural and seismic strengthening in nature. We seismically retrofit the two concrete silos that sit in the middle of the Napa River Inn / Napa Mill Development. We reconstructed the walls and roof of a large portion of the surrounding building structure, designed by MCA Architects with Jay Jacobsen leading the design and constructed the finish product within. The original doors and windows were replicated by our architectural woodworking shop in Napa.